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Oil from oilseeds such as rapeseed, corn oil or sunflower oil, needs to be esterified to reduce its viscosity close to that of diesel before use in a diesel engine. The oil from oilseeds cannot be regarded as a potentially economic byproduct in the same way as sugarcane bagasse, a byproduct of sugar manufacture used as feed stock for manufacture of car alcohol fuel, or straw from cereals, used as fuel in boilers, are so regarded.

As such, sowing and fertilizing may be combined in one field operation, as is common in cereal production where semi-continuous bands of seeds and fertilizers are planted close together at shallow depths in closely spaced rows (typically 175 mm apart). Of course, the fertilizer may also be applied separately (from the seed) in a corn drill style applicator.

Machinery Fantastic is Awesome Machine videos CenterFood production can be increased if the primary producer or farmer is provided with a guaranteed profitable income for the farm produce. With such guarantees the farmer can invest in the necessary inputs including mechanization to increase productivity, secure in the knowledge that, as productivity increases, income will increase enabling payback and facilitating further investment as required.

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Leasing of expensive equipment is also an option but generally is less popular except with larger producers. In the developing countries, the trend towards adoption of the tractor as the fundamental unit of agricultural mechanization systems is sure to continue. However, for many small farmers in deprived regions the transition to tractor-based mechanization is not a realistic option due to the lack of finance and basic infrastructure. In this situation, a continued reliance on human energy and animal-powered equipment for tillage, planting and harvesting will prevail for the foreseeable future.

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