500 chevaux sur un décompacteur 11 dents ! FENDT 1050 - Agrisem

There is a long history of agricultural mechanization that has been human and animal powered rather than engine powered. The difference in scale is quite staggering and is a measure of the economic gulf between the rich and the poor on this planet. For example, an average horse plowing the soil at an average rate will perform work at a rate of one horsepower (hp). In contrast, a 100 hp (75 kW) tractor could work (e.g. plowing the soil) at a rate one hundred times faster than the horse.

This generalization corresponds to the substitution view of agricultural mechanization (Binswanger 1978). It differs from the net contributor view, which assumes that more machinery-in particular, tractors produces higher yields or other gains in output, regardless of the economic environment in which it is introduced. Such a view usually confuses the direct effects of mechanization with the indirect productivity effects of factor savings.

500 chevaux au décompactage réalisé par un Fendt 1050 et un décompacteur Agrisem 11 dents sur l'exploitation de Bruno Broquerault dans la Vienne ! Vidéo en partenariat avec Agris 2L ! Merci aux 1075 abonnés ! N'hésitez pas à vous abonner ou à mettre un pouce bleu ! Outils : - DJI Phantom 3 Advanced - DJI Osmo - Canon EOS 1300D Logiciel : Sony Vegas Pro 15 Tags : Fendt 1050, décomptage, Agrisem, décompacteur 11 dents, Bruno Broquerault, Vienne, Agriculture, 500 chevaux, AgriNico GoProAs a consequence, the design and operation of such equipment requires increased investment in research and development to enhance their operational and performance characteristics (see also, Human and Animal Powered Machinery).

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The training of operatives involves a partnership between equipment users, equipment suppliers, maintenance and repair services, extension services (where available), research and educational institutions, and the communications media (farming press, radio, TV, Internet). Farm relief services are an integral part of a backup system where illness or other difficulties prevent a farmer from operating equipment effectively.

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