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Even when oilseeds (esterified, partially refined or crude) are used as diesel fuel extenders, the economic difficulty still persists and will continue until such time as diesel oil supplies begin to dwindle or until a more appropriate substitute fuel (renewable or nonrenewable) should emerge. Should diesel fuel supplies run out and an appropriate substitute fuel fail to emerge, tractors and other engine-driven equipment could convert to spark-ignition engines. These are more versatile in terms of fuel use (e.g. renewable alcohol, as well as nonrenewable hydrocarbons) even if less suited to the heavy workloads in agriculture.

Hay loaders became widely used in the United States after 1880 but did not spread in continental Europe until after World War 11, only to be quickly replaced by hay balers and other more sophisticated machines. Most of the animal-drawn harvesting machines derived their power from horses. Oxen could not be used successfully because sufficient power could be generated only at the higher speed of horses.

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Such machinery has facilitated the full or partial replacement of human- and animal-powered equipment in developed countries and increasingly in developing countries as well. The net result has been higher productivity and the welcome elimination of much of the drudgery of manual farm labor. For example, one person involved in agricultural production can now provide enough food and fiber for 128 others whereas only a century ago one person could provide food and fiber for only eight others (see also, Technology and Power in Agriculture).

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The dominant energy sources on conventional farms in the developed world are diesel oil (to power tractors and other self-propelled equipment) and electricity (to provide light, heat and refrigeration; and to power electric motors to run milking machines, animal feeding systems, ventilation fans, water supply and irrigation systems).

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