All of the foregoing technological advances have been critically dependent on the availability of an abundant and economic supply of fossil fuels including diesel fuel for on-farm tractors and self-propelled machines; and natural gas, heavy fuel oil and coal for off-farm electricity generation.
It is well recognized that the selection of equipment is only the beginning of appropriate machinery management (see also, Agricultural Equipment: Choice and Operation). For example, the operation of the individual pieces of equipment must be coordinated properly in order to enhance productivity and efficiency. Another trend is precision agriculture (Figure 1), where state-of-the-art control and automation technology can be used to apply the optimum amount of seeds, water, fertilizers and pesticides to maximize economic return and minimize environmental damage. Maintaining working conditions and optimal performance of agricultural equipment is of vital importance in agricultural and food production due to the timeliness factor.

During the ninety years until 1970, land-labor ratios increased in all countries, especially after 1950. These increases reflect the rapid declines in agricultural labor forces as people moved to industry and off the land. The United States, however, had an increase in agricultural land as well as a reduction in the agricultural labor force, so that differences in land-labor ratios between it and other countries increased. Total farmland more than doubled between 1870 and 1920. Since average farm size stayed roughly constant, total farm employment must have nearly doubled as well. The agricultural work force, far from being displaced, was redeployed within agriculture, along with large numbers of immigrants. Mechanization did not produce higher yields, however; they came later and were linked to fertilizers and biological innovations.

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Fendt is a brand of tractors and other farming equipment that is owned by AGCO Corporation. The company was founded in Germany in 1930 and is now headquartered in Marktoberdorf, Germany. Fendt tractors are known for their high performance, advanced technology, and durability. They are used in a variety of farming and agricultural applications, including plowing, planting, cultivating, and harvesting. Fendt offers a range of tractor models to suit different needs, including compact tractors, utility tractors, and high horsepower tractors. In addition to tractors, Fendt also produces a variety of other farming equipment, such as combines, balers, and sprayers.There are several different types of tractor tires available, each designed for specific purposes and conditions. Some common types of tractor tires include:
Agricultural tires: These tires are specifically designed for use on tractors and other farm equipment. They are typically made from a durable rubber compound and have a tread pattern that is optimized for traction in fields and other agricultural environments.
Industrial tires: Industrial tires are designed for use on tractors and other heavy machinery in a variety of industrial settings. They are typically made from a tougher rubber compound than agricultural tires and may have a more aggressive tread pattern to provide better traction on hard surfaces.
Turf tires: Turf tires are designed for use on tractors and other machinery that operate on grassy surfaces. They have a more rounded tread pattern that is less aggressive than other types of tractor tires, which helps to reduce damage to the grass and soil.
Flotation tires: Flotation tires are designed to provide a large contact area with the ground, which helps to distribute the weight of the tractor more evenly and reduces soil compaction. They are often used on tractors that operate in wet or muddy conditions, as they provide good traction and flotation.
Specialty tires: There are many other types of tractor tires available for specialized applications, such as tires with extra-deep treads for use in extreme off-road conditions or tires with a non-marking rubber compound for use on indoor surfaces.

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