Case IH’s new Trident 5550 presents fastest converting combination a

Case IH’s new Trident 5550 presents fastest converting combination applicator

Power supply may be considered as autonomous at different levels: at local on-farm level, at local co-operative level or at national level. At local level autonomous power supply may be defined as that power which is generated on-farm for local on-farm use.

Even if developing agricultural systems should follow this route, it is still important that state-of-the-art on-farm equipment for treatment and preservation is available in the future.

Case IH’s new Trident 5550 was on display last week at the Farm Progress Show in Illinois. Like something out of Transformers, the 5550 is a combination liquid/dry applicator, and according to the company, the conversion between the two is the fastest in the industry.

State farms in centrally planned economies could also participate where beneficial tenancy arrangements can be incorporated. While such or related arrangements are being put in place, the transference of food surpluses as food aid to regions in need will continue for quite some time. Special care needs to be taken that such measures are complementary to, rather than in conflict with, local policies designed to enhance food security.

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By common consent, diesel oil (used to power the compression ignition engines, so dominant in agriculture) is a nonrenewable resource. Attempts to find or identify a diesel fuel substitute that could be used in conventional diesel engines have made some progress. In particular, the use of oils from renewable oilseeds has enjoyed some limited success in countries such as Austria, where generous tax remission is allowable on a fuel that is otherwise uneconomic.

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