Cat D9D Alive and running after 20yrs

The concept of timeliness recognizes that there is an optimum time to perform certain crop production operations from planting through to harvesting. If one or more of these operations is performed too early or too late, a timeliness penalty is likely to accrue, that is, yield and/or the quality of the crop is diminished, yielding a lower price to the farmer. For example, the ideal time to harvest grain is when the crop is ripe and the moisture is low (see also, Maintaining Working Conditions and Operation of Machinery).

Since the profitability of machines-their comparative advantage-is tied closely to labor costs, expensive energy is likely to retard mechanization much more in countries with cheap labor. Farm size. The size of the average farm is largely a reflection of the scarcity of land relative to labor and thus need not be an independent influence on the pace of mechanization. Mechanization can certainly facilitate the growth of large farms, however, as it did in the United States after 1940 and later in Western Europe.

She sure sounds better than the mic on

UPDATE!!!! guys I'm sorry for not replying to any of the comments, I rarely upload anything and still don't quite understand how YouTube works lol,

Anyhow the ole dozer is still serving the owner on light occasional use but I'm affraid he is considering TORCHING the ole girl, if anyone is interested in it send me a msg and I will get you hooked up with the owner, I can't stand to see a piece like this go to china and get turned into something wal-mart will resale.

The older guy at the controls is a family friend of the owner that has passed many years ago, after I posted this I spoke with another guy about how long ago it was parked and it was closer to 30yrs

The dozer is setting in Clinton Mo.

Livestock production, which not so long ago depended primarily on the pitchfork and scoop shovel, now uses many complicated and highly sophisticated machines for handling water, feed, bedding, and manure, as well as for the many special operations involved in producing milk and eggs.

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Provision of a guaranteed profitable income to primary producers is a powerful but expensive food policy instrument. The poorest countries that typically have the highest population growth and the greatest need to produce more food are least well placed to afford such a policy. As such, the international community and its agencies could make a huge contribution to food security by investing heavily in a program of guaranteed profitable income for farmers based on food production. Such a policy presupposes individual ownership of the land or a tenancy beneficially linked to productivity increase.

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