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Oil from oilseeds such as rapeseed, corn oil or sunflower oil, needs to be esterified to reduce its viscosity close to that of diesel before use in a diesel engine. The oil from oilseeds cannot be regarded as a potentially economic byproduct in the same way as sugarcane bagasse, a byproduct of sugar manufacture used as feed stock for manufacture of car alcohol fuel, or straw from cereals, used as fuel in boilers, are so regarded.

In case 1 unused land is available and mechanization leads to output growth-the more so, the higher the elasticity of final demand. The best example is the United States in the second half of the century: an impressive horse-based mechanization led to massive agricultural growth because land was rapidly opened up and export markets in Europe provided a highly elastic demand for agricultural products.

Machinery Fantastic is Awesome Machine videos CenterEven though bioethanol is an outstanding renewable engine fuel, it is more suited to Otto gasoline (petrol) than to farm diesel engines. Electricity may be generated from a range of renewable sources including wind, wave, hydro and biomass, but on-farm generation is unlikely except on a small-scale or on the basis of specialized energy or wind-power farms.

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The concept of timeliness recognizes that there is an optimum time to perform certain crop production operations from planting through to harvesting. If one or more of these operations is performed too early or too late, a timeliness penalty is likely to accrue, that is, yield and/or the quality of the crop is diminished, yielding a lower price to the farmer. For example, the ideal time to harvest grain is when the crop is ripe and the moisture is low (see also, Maintaining Working Conditions and Operation of Machinery).

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