Deep ploughing & Field Leveling | CASE IH Quadtrac 450 & STX 375 | Geb

Deep ploughing & Field Leveling | CASE IH Quadtrac 450 & STX 375 | Gebr. Bork diepploegen / Plowing

The equipment used for the post-harvest treatment and preservation of durable and perishable produce includes cleaners, sorters and graders, fans (for fresh air ventilation and fumigation), dryers, refrigeration, controlled atmosphere equipment, conveyors, and handling, packaging and labeling equipment (see also, Equipment for Post-harvest Preservation and Treatment of Produce).

Milling, threshing, chopping, sugarcane crushing, pumping of water, and the like are extremely power-intensive but need little control. Moreover, both stationary and mobile sources of power can be used for them.

Diepploegen en kilveren met twee Case IH Quadtracs van loon- en grondverzetbedrijf Gebr. Bork uit Slootdorp (N-H). Sinds afgelopen jaar heeft dit bedrijf een tweede Quadtrac 450 ingebruik genomen, naast de al aanwezige STX375 welke al eerder op mijn kanaal te zien is geweest. Afgelopen september kwam ik ze beide bij toeval op een steenworp van elkaar tegen. Deep ploughing and field leveling using two Case IH Quadtracs 450 & 375 from contrator Gebr. Bork of Slootdorp in noth of the Netherlands. This company owns the only two Quadtracs in the Netherlands. First we see the field is ploughed using a self-made deep plough, witch is capable of ploughing 120cm deep. The top layer of clay soil is ploughed under and the lighter sand and peat soil is brought to the surface to make the land more suitable for other crops and easier to work on. After ploughing the field needs to be leveled for improved water coverage and drainage using a BOS Combo-Dozer scraper. Thanks for watching! Subscribe: Facebook: Disclaimer: The content on my YouTube channel can't be downloaded, published, edited or used without my permission since it's protected by copyright. Music: Skinny Leonard van Audionautix is gelicentieerd onder een Creative Commons Attribution-licentie ( Artiest:

State farms in centrally planned economies could also participate where beneficial tenancy arrangements can be incorporated. While such or related arrangements are being put in place, the transference of food surpluses as food aid to regions in need will continue for quite some time. Special care needs to be taken that such measures are complementary to, rather than in conflict with, local policies designed to enhance food security.

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Typically, harvesting represents the final stage of crop production at field level and essentially brings the farming season to a close. In many cases, harvesting is the most labor intensive farm operation and not infrequently associated with the drudgery of rural life. The development of machines that could successfully harvest most if not all agricultural crops has been greeted with enthusiasm. And yet challenges remain.

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