Diepspitten met Fendt 1050 en IMANTS 135 SX-310. Van Werven Oldebroek.

Cereal straw and other dry byproducts (wood chips) may be used in small on-farm boilers typically to generate heat for drying harvested crops (cereals, oilseeds) or space heating (greenhouses, residential). Furthermore, biogas (predominantly methane) generated from animal wastes (e.g. pig slurry) by anaerobic digestion may also be used to power on-farm boilers typically to generate heat and also electricity in larger and more sophisticated installations.

The historical image of farm labor has been that associated with backbreaking work, long hours and low pay. From the earliest times attempts have been made to alleviate drudgery through inventions and developments of implements and machines that have gradually transformed agriculture into a modern industry served by technologically sophisticated mechanization systems.

12 augustus 2019. Vandaag is Van Werven uit Oldebroek begonnen te diepspitten bij Landbouwbedrijf: Noordam in Uithuizen met de Fendt 1050 vario en Imants 135 SX -310. Spitdiepte was ingesteld op een meter, maar kan tot 1.35 mtr. Diepspitten heeft een verlichtende en vermengende werking. Door de aanschaf van de Fendt 1050 realiseren we een hogere capaciteit en betere menging. ACV,Advances in technology have been central to the dramatic progress in the mechanization of farming practices throughout the world. Of greatest importance has been the development of the internal combustion engine and its utilization in farm tractors, combine harvesters and other self-propelled agricultural machinery.

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The training of operatives involves a partnership between equipment users, equipment suppliers, maintenance and repair services, extension services (where available), research and educational institutions, and the communications media (farming press, radio, TV, Internet). Farm relief services are an integral part of a backup system where illness or other difficulties prevent a farmer from operating equipment effectively.

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