Drie maal Fendt 1050 gespot in Achterveld

Food production can be increased if the primary producer or farmer is provided with a guaranteed profitable income for the farm produce. With such guarantees the farmer can invest in the necessary inputs including mechanization to increase productivity, secure in the knowledge that, as productivity increases, income will increase enabling payback and facilitating further investment as required.

A machine that can cut mature corn without shattering the ripe kernels at the top of its long slender stem, gather together and convey these stem heads-first into a threshing cylinder, where the bulk of the kernels are separated from the non-grain material by a combination of impact and sieving, and where the remaining separation is achieved by a combination of further sieving, flotation and vibration.

Drie maal de Fendt 1050 present bij Mechan Groep in Achterveld.The mechanization of farming practices throughout the world has revolutionized food production, enabling it to maintain pace with population growth except in some lessdeveloped countries, most notably in Africa.

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However, the social impact of the consequential rural depopulation has not been adequately addressed. The second most important advance in technology has been the ready availability of rural electricity to power a multiplicity of items of farm equipment including lighting, heating, ventilation, milking, pumping, drying, milling, conveying and mixing. Furthermore, the automation of both mechanically and electrically powered equipment is now a dominant feature of mechanization developments in the developed regions and will inevitably impact to an increasing extent on the developing regions as labor costs increase. The rapid penetration of telecommunication and information technologies will provide a further layer of sophistication to the mechanization capability and strategies in agriculture.

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