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Crop pests include insects, fungi and weeds. It is not common to combine insecticides, fungicides and herbicides (weedkillers) but rather to apply them as individual or single formulations.The pesticide applicator sprayer is normally tractor-mounted and the tractor power-take-off shaft drives the spray pump. Such sprayer equipment (Figure 6) can also be used to apply liquid fertilizer especially where foliar applications are relevant (e.g. cereals).

Even if developing agricultural systems should follow this route, it is still important that state-of-the-art on-farm equipment for treatment and preservation is available in the future.

Make Sure to Follow Us On Twitter: @FSClubXbox SHAREfactory™ !/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00The practice probably cannot be continued indefinitely, however, because of increasing population pressure. The largest quantities of commercial tropical products originate in plantations, where skilled management is combined with sufficient capital to provide mechanized equipment.

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However, the social impact of the consequential rural depopulation has not been adequately addressed. The second most important advance in technology has been the ready availability of rural electricity to power a multiplicity of items of farm equipment including lighting, heating, ventilation, milking, pumping, drying, milling, conveying and mixing. Furthermore, the automation of both mechanically and electrically powered equipment is now a dominant feature of mechanization developments in the developed regions and will inevitably impact to an increasing extent on the developing regions as labor costs increase. The rapid penetration of telecommunication and information technologies will provide a further layer of sophistication to the mechanization capability and strategies in agriculture.

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