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The development of the moldboard plow facilitated the inversion and burial of layers of surface vegetation (grass, weeds, cereal stubble), exposing a virgin soil surface which could then be further broken down into a fine seed bed by draft or power driven tined implements. The development of the multi-furrow moldboard plow powered by high-speed tractors underscores the high productivity of modern mechanization systems as compared to the single furrow plow drawn by a slow moving draft animal.

For smaller, less accessible areas, knapsack sprayers mounted on a persons back and operated by a manually pressurized nozzle are still quite popular and inexpensive. More specialized equipment including high-pressure orchard sprayers, airblast sprayers, electrostatic sprayers, aircraft sprayers and dusters has also been described in Fertilizer Applicators and Plant Protection Equipment (EOLSS on-line, 2002).

Farming Simulator Mod Spotlight - In this video we take a look at the Fendt 1050 Vario Tractor Download Link - Credits - Hewaaa, vasilisvasilis31Agricultural technology, application of techniques to control the growth and harvesting of animal and vegetable products. Mechanical processing of soil so that it is in the proper physical condition for planting is usually referred to as tilling; adding nutrients and trace elements is called fertilizing. Both processes are important in agricultural operations.

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There is a long history of agricultural mechanization that has been human and animal powered rather than engine powered. The difference in scale is quite staggering and is a measure of the economic gulf between the rich and the poor on this planet. For example, an average horse plowing the soil at an average rate will perform work at a rate of one horsepower (hp). In contrast, a 100 hp (75 kW) tractor could work (e.g. plowing the soil) at a rate one hundred times faster than the horse.

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