Fendt 1050 - 942 | John Deere 9620RX | Horsch | Marxen | Deutschland T

Fendt 1050 - 942 | John Deere 9620RX | Horsch | Marxen | Deutschland Tour 2020

Regardless of the stage of mechanization, new power sources are always used first for power-intensive operations. Furthermore, it appears that the price of labor matters less for the mechanization of power-intensive operations than for control-intensive ones-that is, it often pays to move to a higher stage of mechanization in power-intensive operations, even at low wages, when mechanization of control-intensive operations is not profitable.

Animals used in these operations are increasingly being replaced by diesel and electric engines. In India in 1972 the number of stationary engines for power-intensive operations was about twenty times that of tractors.

Ben ritrovati sul mio canale! Per questo settimo appuntamento con il Deutschland Tour 2020 ci troviamo in un appezzamento di ben 160 ettari, dove vediamo al lavoro uno dei Fendt 1050 Vario dell'azienda Agrarservice-Mv abbinato ad un carrobotte Marxen con sistema di distribuzione a righe Vogelsang da 30 metri. Subito dopo viene effettuato l'interramento del digestato utilizzando un Fendt 942 Vario con coltivatore Horsch Tiger 8 XL ed un John Deere 9620RX con Horsch Cruiser 12 XL. Saluto e ringrazio Marko, Dennis e tutti gli operatori per la disponibilità alle riprese! Località: Kruckow Data: 03-04/08/2020 Buona visione! Per rimanere aggiornato sull'uscita dei prossimi video iscriviti al canale! https://www.youtube.com/user/gabry982The training of operatives involves a partnership between equipment users, equipment suppliers, maintenance and repair services, extension services (where available), research and educational institutions, and the communications media (farming press, radio, TV, Internet). Farm relief services are an integral part of a backup system where illness or other difficulties prevent a farmer from operating equipment effectively.

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The emphasis on shifts in power sources, especially the shift to tractors, can cause misunderstandings about which operations are the most likely candidates for mechanization in developing countries. This section therefore discusses mechanization in terms of operations and pays only occasional attention to power sources.

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