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In case 1 unused land is available and mechanization leads to output growth-the more so, the higher the elasticity of final demand. The best example is the United States in the second half of the century: an impressive horse-based mechanization led to massive agricultural growth because land was rapidly opened up and export markets in Europe provided a highly elastic demand for agricultural products.

Mechanization can be a powerful stimulus to growth when it makes a new method or crop profitable (case 3). The best example is pump irrigation. Although it is always possible to lift water with animal or human power, it may often not be profitable to do so, even at extremely low wages. The pump therefore enables output to rise but the size of the increase is determined by the elasticity of final demand. Since the extra production requires extra labor, agricultural employment expands more or less in step with output.

Vídeo mostrando a cabine e alguns comandos do Fendt 1050 Vario Está foi a primeira vez que entro na cabine deste trator Se vc gosta de vídeos de agricultura e máquinas agrícolas se escreve no canal Se gostou do vídeo curte compartilha isso ajuda muito o canal acrescerOn the other hand, a contractor servicing many small growers in a local region can spread the capital cost accordingly and provide a service at an affordable price. For individual farmers who cannot afford a new and expensive item of equipment and who prefer not to depend on contractor availability, purchase of second hand equipment is an option where the support of a local finance agency may be required.

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For example, in an extensively farmed area of Africa where hoe cultivation is used yields may be low, while in an intensively farmed tractorized region of India yields may be much higher. The yield differences may be caused in part by differences in other inputs, such as fertilizers or seeds. They could also be caused by better tillage in India-but this does not mean that good tillage is achieved only by tractors and cannot be achieved by hand. Examples from Java show that cultivation by hand can be as thorough as by ox or tractor.

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