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This time lag cannot be explained by lack of engineering knowledge in Europe: the same countries were using mechanical threshers for virtually all their crops and seed drills had already been widely adopted. The difference was that labor was more abundant in Europe, farms were smaller, and the harvesting machines were therefore not profitable.

As long as agricultural wages were relatively low, large farmers found it more efficient to maintain a tractor and truck along with some horses. Horses did virtually all the jobs for which power was not the overriding input. Each power source specialized in the tasks for which it had the greatest comparative advantage.

videoların devamının gelmesi için lütfen kanalımıza abone olmayı unutmayın --------------------------- yorumlarınızı belirtmeyi unutmayın ------------------------------Local autonomous power supply systems are generally limited to stationary applications which, although of vital importance to farm mechanization, still represent a considerably smaller fraction of total energy than that used in mobile mechanization systems powered by tractors and other engine-driven vehicular equipment.

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Milling, threshing, chopping, sugarcane crushing, pumping of water, and the like are extremely power-intensive but need little control. Moreover, both stationary and mobile sources of power can be used for them.

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