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The overall sequence of operations (Figure 8) is orientated towards protecting post-harvest product quality and minimizing loss due to deterioration occasioned by respiration, microbial activity, insects or rodents. Control of respiration (i.e. conversion of carbohydrates to carbon dioxide and water) in crop products is achieved by temperature reduction, most usually by refrigeration but also by periodic ventilation typically of the cold night air.

Agricultural employment also fell substantially, both in absolute and relative terms, and labor was redeployed outside agriculture. The number of workers per farm was stable, while farm sizes grew rapidly from an average of 167 acres in 1950 to 401 acres in 1978.

Machinery Fantastic is Awesome Machine videos CenterFood production can be increased if the primary producer or farmer is provided with a guaranteed profitable income for the farm produce. With such guarantees the farmer can invest in the necessary inputs including mechanization to increase productivity, secure in the knowledge that, as productivity increases, income will increase enabling payback and facilitating further investment as required.

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The scale of the investment required may be determined from comprehensive data on farm mechanization costs (see also, Expenditures and Returns). For instance, the current cost of mechanization in the UK is about 20 % of total farm input costs (Table 1). Table 1. Breakdown of farm input costs (UK inputs) (see also, Expenditures and Returns).

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