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Apart from tractors, the agricultural equipment that has most caught the public imagination has been crop harvesters probably because of their (frequently massive) size, multiplicity of functions and bewildering variety of designs reflecting the huge variety in crop products and growth patterns whether the product to be harvested resides in the soil, above the soil surface, or on bushes or trees. Harvesting equipment is described in detail in Harvesters (EOLSS on-line, 2002).

Japan, in particular, has developed many machines for small farms and plots. For certain operations, mechanization spreads to small farms when machinery can be rented rather than bought. For a rental market to be established, the optimal farm size for owning a machine must be bigger than that of numerous small farms. In addition, it is easier to establish rental markets for operations that do not need to be done on all farms at the same time: threshing and milling are examples.

Machinery Fantastic is Awesome Machine videos CenterHowever, if the weather is bad and the quality of the grain is in danger, it may be more economical to protect quality by harvesting early (before ripeness) even if an increased post-harvest drying cost is incurred. Due to the timeliness factor, machinery of a somewhat higher capacity is often employed to avoid timeliness penalties that may accrue due to the use of a contractor, machine breakdown and repair, bad weather or operator illness.

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By common consent, diesel oil (used to power the compression ignition engines, so dominant in agriculture) is a nonrenewable resource. Attempts to find or identify a diesel fuel substitute that could be used in conventional diesel engines have made some progress. In particular, the use of oils from renewable oilseeds has enjoyed some limited success in countries such as Austria, where generous tax remission is allowable on a fuel that is otherwise uneconomic.

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