FENDT 1050 Vario + Krone Big Pack 1290 HDP II

With a decline in fossil fuel supply (inevitable in the medium to long term) the attention will switch to renewable sources for on-farm fuel use and to renewable and/or nuclear for off-farm electricity generation. The renewable fuel that is most likely to be suitable for use in tractors and other self-propelled machines is esterified oil from oilseeds.
Additional and exciting technological developments are taking place in tractor design with emphasis on precision farming, communications and information technologies. These are intended to enhance performance and take account of energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainability considerations. The modern tractor is reviewed in detail in Tractors and Transport (EOLSS on-line, 2002).

Liquid pesticides cannot be applied without at least a hand pump. Even for pesticides in dust form, mechanized dusters achieve higher precision and reduce waste. Sprayers were developed at the same time as pesticides. In France, for example, spraying carts were widely used in vineyards in 1929. The reasons for these patterns are threefold: In sharp contrast to biological innovation, for which public funding is crucial, private makers of machinery can capture the gains from their innovation by selling machines. The innovator's rights are more protected, the more developed the patent system is and the better it is enforced. (For a full discussion of alternative patent systems, see Evenson 1982.)

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Because many adaptive discoveries are specific to particular regions, farmers, blacksmiths, and small firms have an important advantage over public research institutes or large corporations. * Unlike biological or chemical inventions, mechanical innovation does not usually depend on the university-acquired skills of chemistry, genetics, or statistics. Mechanically minded individuals with little formal education are thus not at a disadvantage.Crawler tractors are equipped with a wide range of attachments, such as buckets, blades, and rippers, which allow them to perform a variety of tasks. They may also be fitted with specialized equipment, such as hydraulic hammers or augers, for specific applications.

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