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But in Japan hand-carried power sprayers for rice and other crops became popular only with the development of a much wider range of pesticides after World War II. Such power sprayers are now used throughout Asia, often hired on a contract basis. The growth of hand and power sprayers is driven by the availability and use of pesticides and is widespread even at very low wages.

The adoption of small paddy mills in Southeast Asia was also very quick. Rapid change has not been confined to the twentieth century. In the United States threshers spread enormously from 1830 to 1850 once satisfactory designs were available.The same seems to have happened in Europe. However, the speed of change cannot be captured by historical statistics that focus on power sources at a national level; it is observed in operations at a regional level.

Machinery Fantastic is Awesome Machine videos CenterLeasing of expensive equipment is also an option but generally is less popular except with larger producers. In the developing countries, the trend towards adoption of the tractor as the fundamental unit of agricultural mechanization systems is sure to continue. However, for many small farmers in deprived regions the transition to tractor-based mechanization is not a realistic option due to the lack of finance and basic infrastructure. In this situation, a continued reliance on human energy and animal-powered equipment for tillage, planting and harvesting will prevail for the foreseeable future.

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Japan, in particular, has developed many machines for small farms and plots. For certain operations, mechanization spreads to small farms when machinery can be rented rather than bought. For a rental market to be established, the optimal farm size for owning a machine must be bigger than that of numerous small farms. In addition, it is easier to establish rental markets for operations that do not need to be done on all farms at the same time: threshing and milling are examples.

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