Grass chopping 2020 Old skool with New Holland FX 35 and Steyr in Vils

Grass chopping 2020 Old skool with New Holland FX 35 and Steyr in Vilsteren

While much remains to be done on small farms in the poorest regions, sufficient progress has been made to accelerate food production in line with population growth (contrary to the Malthusian prediction). In this theme, farm machinery is considered with primary emphasis on engine and motor driven machines and implements and a lesser emphasis on human or animal powered equipment.

This in turn led to increased seasonal and permanent migration, primarily from Eastern India.4 But it also led to the use of more tractors and threshers by Punjab farmers. The combined effect of these developments was a decline in real wages after 1972-73, which brought them closer to the stagnant real wages in the rest of India's agriculture.

Abonneer en bekijk meer op Gras hakselen nabij Vilsteren met een old skool mooie New Holland FX hakselaar. Het rauwe geluid van de hakselaar is altijd mooi om te horen. Subscribe and watch ore on is well recognized that the selection of equipment is only the beginning of appropriate machinery management (see also, Agricultural Equipment: Choice and Operation). For example, the operation of the individual pieces of equipment must be coordinated properly in order to enhance productivity and efficiency. Another trend is precision agriculture (Figure 1), where state-of-the-art control and automation technology can be used to apply the optimum amount of seeds, water, fertilizers and pesticides to maximize economic return and minimize environmental damage. Maintaining working conditions and optimal performance of agricultural equipment is of vital importance in agricultural and food production due to the timeliness factor.

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Likewise, the use of preventive maintenance protocols are desirable in the off-season e.g. replacing parts (such as bearings or soil engaging elements) that may break or wear out before they need repair or replacement. The use of highly skilled and competent operators is also desirable to ensure optimal performance of equipment that is generally getting bigger, working faster and becoming more complex despite the welcome introduction of more automated control and ergonomic systems designed to assist and enhance performance.

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