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Primary tillage is one of the first operations to be mechanized when a new source of mobile power becomes available. Secondary tillage operations often continue to be performed by the old power source for a long period. Transport.

As long as agricultural wages were relatively low, large farmers found it more efficient to maintain a tractor and truck along with some horses. Horses did virtually all the jobs for which power was not the overriding input. Each power source specialized in the tasks for which it had the greatest comparative advantage.

Loon - en Grondwerkbedrijf W. Huijbregts uit Zundert is met grote capaciteit ondergrond aan het ontgraven en ophogen d.m.v. GPS op de kranen. Vier Doosan kranen, waaronder 2 op rupsen, zorgden voor het graafwerk. Transport met 2 x Steyr 6185 CVT met Alasco kippers. Het kilveren gebeurde met 2 x Steyr Terrus 6300 CVT. Het perceel en de ondergrond is eerst opgemeten d.m.v GPS, vervolgens wordt er een GPS model gecreëerd dat het perceel zo gunstig mogelijk laat aflopen in de gewenste richtingen. Dit model wordt ook gebruikt op de GPS systemen op de kranen, zo wordt dus alles op het juiste ontwerp ontgraven en opgehoogd, de rijke teeltgrond blijft zo behouden. #Doosan #Steyr #Grondverzet Facebook: Location: Rijsbergen (NB), Netherlands.By common consent, diesel oil (used to power the compression ignition engines, so dominant in agriculture) is a nonrenewable resource. Attempts to find or identify a diesel fuel substitute that could be used in conventional diesel engines have made some progress. In particular, the use of oils from renewable oilseeds has enjoyed some limited success in countries such as Austria, where generous tax remission is allowable on a fuel that is otherwise uneconomic.

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Spoilage microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) may also be controlled by temperature reduction (preferably to 4 C or less) usually requiring refrigeration. In certain cases, drying may also be used to control both fungal and respirational activity.

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