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The training of operatives involves a partnership between equipment users, equipment suppliers, maintenance and repair services, extension services (where available), research and educational institutions, and the communications media (farming press, radio, TV, Internet). Farm relief services are an integral part of a backup system where illness or other difficulties prevent a farmer from operating equipment effectively.

Local autonomous power supply systems are generally limited to stationary applications which, although of vital importance to farm mechanization, still represent a considerably smaller fraction of total energy than that used in mobile mechanization systems powered by tractors and other engine-driven vehicular equipment.

#localaddamkn Harvester Stuck in Deep mud John deer Harvester Stuck in Deep mud Jon deer 68 HP Harvester Stuck in Deep mud Harvester pullingThe scale of the investment required may be determined from comprehensive data on farm mechanization costs (see also, Expenditures and Returns). For instance, the current cost of mechanization in the UK is about 20 % of total farm input costs (Table 1). Table 1. Breakdown of farm input costs (UK inputs) (see also, Expenditures and Returns).

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The concept of timeliness recognizes that there is an optimum time to perform certain crop production operations from planting through to harvesting. If one or more of these operations is performed too early or too late, a timeliness penalty is likely to accrue, that is, yield and/or the quality of the crop is diminished, yielding a lower price to the farmer. For example, the ideal time to harvest grain is when the crop is ripe and the moisture is low (see also, Maintaining Working Conditions and Operation of Machinery).

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