Holdingham Biogas 2018 Grass silage with Fendt Katana 85 and Fendt 1050

Despite their differences in natural resources, Japan, European countries, and the United States managed to expand their agricultural output by up to 1.7 percent a year. Japan and the continental European countries achieved their rapid growth because yields (output per hectare of arable land) grew at about 1.5 percent a year, or roughly twice as fast as in the United States.

A third effect, discussed in detail in the next section, is that higher capital costs produce a bias in mechanization toward power-intensive operations. Finally, higher capital costs influence the design of machines; if repair costs are relatively low, designs emphasize repair over durability.

Holdingham Biogas harvesting 1st cut silage for AD with there new Fendt Katana 85 running alongside is 2 Fendt 1050 on silage trailers (because we could) and 828 on Richard Weston trailer and 724 on Bailey trailer and 716 on the new Fendt Former 12 meter rake. Volvo shovel on the clamp A mix of music at the start to get the machines into work then working sounds for the rest of the videoThe concept of timeliness recognizes that there is an optimum time to perform certain crop production operations from planting through to harvesting. If one or more of these operations is performed too early or too late, a timeliness penalty is likely to accrue, that is, yield and/or the quality of the crop is diminished, yielding a lower price to the farmer. For example, the ideal time to harvest grain is when the crop is ripe and the moisture is low (see also, Maintaining Working Conditions and Operation of Machinery).

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The dominant energy sources on conventional farms in the developed world are diesel oil (to power tractors and other self-propelled equipment) and electricity (to provide light, heat and refrigeration; and to power electric motors to run milking machines, animal feeding systems, ventilation fans, water supply and irrigation systems).

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