Timber transport on the Albtrauf with Steyr Kompakt 4115 and Binderber

Timber transport on the Albtrauf with Steyr Kompakt 4115 and Binderberger timber trailer

Japanese technologists have pioneered the state-of-the-art technology in mechanized transplanting, which hitherto had been (and still remains) a highly labor intensive operation. Exciting innovations have occurred in sowing including the use of air pressure in precision seeders (both positive and negative, e.g. vacuum seeders), monitoring of seed metering and sowing rates using sensors, and fluid drilling (a method of sowing pregerminated seed suspended in a pumpable gel).

Total farmland more than doubled between 1870 and 1920. Since average farm size stayed roughly constant, total farm employment must have nearly doubled as well. The agricultural work force, far from being displaced, was redeployed within agriculture, along with large numbers of immigrants. Mechanization did not produce higher yields, however; they came later and were linked to fertilizers and biological innovations.

Am Freitag war ich bei Jacob zum filmen und hab festgehalten wie er mit seinem Steyr und dem Rückewagen sein Holz aus dem Wald holt. Frohe Weihnachten euch allen Lasst gerne ein Kommentar da Liebe Grüße JonathanTillage is the manipulation of the soil into a desired condition by mechanical means; tools are employed to achieve some desired effect (such as pulverization, cutting, or movement). Soil is tilled to change its structure, to kill weeds, and to manage crop residues.

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It is well recognized that the selection of equipment is only the beginning of appropriate machinery management (see also, Agricultural Equipment: Choice and Operation). For example, the operation of the individual pieces of equipment must be coordinated properly in order to enhance productivity and efficiency. Another trend is precision agriculture (Figure 1), where state-of-the-art control and automation technology can be used to apply the optimum amount of seeds, water, fertilizers and pesticides to maximize economic return and minimize environmental damage. Maintaining working conditions and optimal performance of agricultural equipment is of vital importance in agricultural and food production due to the timeliness factor.

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