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Primary tillage is one of the first operations to be mechanized when a new source of mobile power becomes available. Secondary tillage operations often continue to be performed by the old power source for a long period. Transport.

The drill soon fell into oblivion. Between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, farmers in Europe tried to design better seed drills for small grains. Seed drills with mechanical dribbling devices were commonly used in the United States in the 1860s and 1870s. In continental Europe their use started slightly later, became widespread in the late nineteenth century, and was followed a decade later by maize drills and cotton seeders. The use of seed drills similar to the Mesopotamian drill has been growing rapidly in India since 1966.

Fendt 1050 Vario mit Krone Premos 5000 Bilder gibt es wie immer auf Facebook:, transplantation in areas inaccessible to tractors (rice paddy fields or steep mountain slopes) is possible using aerial power where large areas need to be planted in order to justify the increased cost.

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Most of the evidence comes from machinery stock data; though lacking detail, no other data can give so comprehensive a picture over long periods of time.8 Operations can be grouped in terms of the intensity with which they require power (or energy) relative to the control functions of the human mind (or judgment).

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