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The mechanization of farming practices throughout the world has revolutionized food production, enabling it to maintain pace with population growth except in some lessdeveloped countries, most notably in Africa.
There is a long history of agricultural mechanization that has been human and animal powered rather than engine powered. The difference in scale is quite staggering and is a measure of the economic gulf between the rich and the poor on this planet. For example, an average horse plowing the soil at an average rate will perform work at a rate of one horsepower (hp). In contrast, a 100 hp (75 kW) tractor could work (e.g. plowing the soil) at a rate one hundred times faster than the horse.

Transport, along with primary tillage, is one of the first uses of new sources of mobile power. Where distances are long, trucks rather than tractors are used for farm-to-market transport. Harvesting. Without machinery, harvesting is very labor-intensive. Different crops vary widely, however, in the type of labor required-that is, in their power- and control-intensity. Harvesting of root crops is probably the most power-intensive, although it still requires significan control. At the other extreme, cotton, fruit, and vegetables require intensive control: in the case of apples, the threat of damage is so large that their harvesting has still not been successfully mechanized.

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Liquid pesticides cannot be applied without at least a hand pump. Even for pesticides in dust form, mechanized dusters achieve higher precision and reduce waste. Sprayers were developed at the same time as pesticides. In France, for example, spraying carts were widely used in vineyards in 1929.The process of burning fuel to generate power in a tractor engine is known as the Otto cycle. It involves four basic steps: intake, compression, power, and exhaust. During the intake stroke, a mixture of fuel and air is drawn into the cylinder through an intake valve. During the compression stroke, the mixture is compressed by the upward movement of the piston. During the power stroke, the compressed mixture is ignited by a spark plug, and the explosion pushes the piston down, generating torque. During the exhaust stroke, the exhaust gases are expelled through an exhaust valve.

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