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The demise of the oxen in American and European agriculture was largely the result of their inability to work harvesting machines. When tractors became available, they could pull harvesting machines with only minor modifications. Nevertheless, horses did not lose their comparative advantage, even in harvesting, for some years.

Because many adaptive discoveries are specific to particular regions, farmers, blacksmiths, and small firms have an important advantage over public research institutes or large corporations. * Unlike biological or chemical inventions, mechanical innovation does not usually depend on the university-acquired skills of chemistry, genetics, or statistics. Mechanically minded individuals with little formal education are thus not at a disadvantage.

Facebook: though bioethanol is an outstanding renewable engine fuel, it is more suited to Otto gasoline (petrol) than to farm diesel engines. Electricity may be generated from a range of renewable sources including wind, wave, hydro and biomass, but on-farm generation is unlikely except on a small-scale or on the basis of specialized energy or wind-power farms.

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For on-farm transport, American farmers continued to use horses well into the 1940s. In Asia, where farms are rarely big enough to support the purchase of a truck, farm-to-market transport is increasingly done by hired trucks or tractors. Rubber tires have given tractors a strong comparative advantage in most forms of transport.

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