Maize chopping 2021 in the southern Emsland with a Krone BIG X 1180 forage harvester and Fendt 1050

Japan and the United States relied on different technological paths to expand their agricultural output. Research summarized by Hayami and others (1975) and Binswanger and Ruttan (1978) has established that Japan has long emphasized biological, yield-raising technology, much of it supported by heavy investment in irrigation. This emphasis continued with systematic investment in agricultural research initiated after 1868.

Mechanization is most profitable and contributes most to growth where land is abundant, where labor is scarce relative to land, and where labor is moving rapidly off the land. Several cases, listed in table 4, illustrate the effects of mechanization on employment.

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Typically, harvesting represents the final stage of crop production at field level and essentially brings the farming season to a close. In many cases, harvesting is the most labor intensive farm operation and not infrequently associated with the drudgery of rural life. The development of machines that could successfully harvest most if not all agricultural crops has been greeted with enthusiasm. And yet challenges remain.

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Despite their differences in natural resources, Japan, European countries, and the United States managed to expand their agricultural output by up to 1.7 percent a year. Japan and the continental European countries achieved their rapid growth because yields (output per hectare of arable land) grew at about 1.5 percent a year, or roughly twice as fast as in the United States.

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