Massey Ferguson tractor stuck in mud and pulling out | rescue by 4 mas

Massey Ferguson tractor stuck in mud and pulling out | rescue by 4 massey Ferguson |tractor videos|

An example was the mass-produced and low-cost Fordson tractor introduced by Henry Ford in 1916. Soon after the Irish inventor and agricultural engineer, Harry Ferguson, recognized the utility of a greater integration of the tractor with the implements and machines (plows, seeders, agrochemical applicators, harvesters, feeders), which were pulled behind it by a simple drawbar hitch.

The harvesting of delicate fruits (strawberries, raspberries, grapes, plums) and vegetables (tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce) for the fresh market has not been successfully completed despite a substantial investment in crop breeding and mechanization research. Machines that can harvest such delicate biological tissues, generally inflict too much damage on a product destined for the fresh market but have been successful with product destined for processing. Selective harvesting is another substantial challenge facing researchers in the fruit and vegetable sector in particular.

subscribe my channel NK JCB BORWELL tractor stuk Mud video messy farguson mud stuck stuck video messey Tractor help by 4 Messy Tractor videos rescue by Tractor pulling out rescue by TractorFor individual farmers in the developed world, a tractor is likely to be the key item of equipment as it provides power and mobility for a wide range of mechanical farm operations including tillage, spraying, fertilizing, harvesting, milking and feeding.

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On the other hand, a contractor servicing many small growers in a local region can spread the capital cost accordingly and provide a service at an affordable price. For individual farmers who cannot afford a new and expensive item of equipment and who prefer not to depend on contractor availability, purchase of second hand equipment is an option where the support of a local finance agency may be required.

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