MICHELIN AXIOBIB - Testimonial - Choosing tyres over tracks for high horsepower Fendt 1050 (EN)

This time lag cannot be explained by lack of engineering knowledge in Europe: the same countries were using mechanical threshers for virtually all their crops and seed drills had already been widely adopted. The difference was that labor was more abundant in Europe, farms were smaller, and the harvesting machines were therefore not profitable.

They did not appear in Great Britain until 1928, nor in most of continental Europe until 1935, and not in Japan until about 1970. At each level of mechanization, machines for harvesting maize have tended to lag a few years behind those for small grains. Hay harvesting equipment, horse rakes, and tedders became important during the American Civil War of the 1860s and remained so until World War II. In France in 1892, hay-raking machines had not reached 10 percent of their 1955 peak number.

David Dickinson of JO Straughan and Co explains why he specified a wheeled tractor with MICHELIN AXIOBIB tyres, as opposed to tracks, for his new high horsepower Fendt 1050 tractor.Primary power sources are many and varied including solar, wind, hydroenergy and geothermal, which may be used to power stationery equipment (wind, hydroenergy), to provide heating or cooling (solar, geothermal) or to generate electricity (wind, hydroenergy) to service a multiplicity of on-farm activities (see also, Energy Sources: Renewable and Non Renewable).

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The harvesting of delicate fruits (strawberries, raspberries, grapes, plums) and vegetables (tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce) for the fresh market has not been successfully completed despite a substantial investment in crop breeding and mechanization research. Machines that can harvest such delicate biological tissues, generally inflict too much damage on a product destined for the fresh market but have been successful with product destined for processing. Selective harvesting is another substantial challenge facing researchers in the fruit and vegetable sector in particular.

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