New 673 HP FENDT Tracked Tractor

The dominant energy sources on conventional farms in the developed world are diesel oil (to power tractors and other self-propelled equipment) and electricity (to provide light, heat and refrigeration; and to power electric motors to run milking machines, animal feeding systems, ventilation fans, water supply and irrigation systems).
Ferguson developed a hydraulically activated three-point hitch to which implements could be attached and which could lift and lower implements to the required working position. Ferguson also developed automatic control systems (draft, position) which greatly enhanced the performance of the equipment. Draft control is a system whereby the drawbar pull can be maintained at a constant level by automatically adjusting the position of the implement (e.g. plow) in response to variations in draft (e.g. soil resistance).

When mechanical power becomes available, it is soon used for farmto-market transport. Early tractors had no tires and in the 1920s were rarely used for farm-to-market transport in the United States or Great Britain. Instead, mechanizing farmers bought both tractors and trucks at about the same time. That also happened in Mexico after 1960. For example, the growth of tractors in the United States was spread over a fifty-year period with occasional spurts, but once tractors became available, they took over primary tillage within a much shorter time. Their further growth involved shifting extra operations from horses to tractors. Today few farms in the Indian Punjab plow land with animals, thresh wheat by hand, or use Persian wheels. This is only fifteen years after tractors, threshers, and pumps became an important factor in Punjab farming.

This video shares information on new 380 to 673 hp FENDT tractors. AGCO a worldwide manufacturer of agricultural equipment is introducing the new Fendt 900 and 1100 Vario MT track tractors. Completely new to the expanding lineup of Fendt products for North America, the 900 & 1100 Vario MT tractors combine proven innovations from AGCO’s 30 years of experience in track tractors with newly engineered features that elevate operator comfort and in-field performance. Key aspects include fuel-efficient Fendt iD low-rev engine management smooth, stepless VarioDrive continuously variable transmission (CVT) smooth-riding, patented MTS Smart Ride™ track system a high-capacity, dual-circuit hydraulic system and the intuitive Fendt operator interface Fendt Gold Star Customer Care with a full warranty and no deductible, for 36 months or 3,000 hours plus all scheduled maintenance, and more. Big Tractor Power Video 1,812 Connect with Big Tractor Power @ E-mail [email protected] See More Great Tractor Videos - Subscribe ➜ Share this Video: ➜

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Since China has abundant labor but a shortage of land, the policy implications for mechanization do not differ much from those for similarly endowed economies. Equity issues, however, may differ a little in China. In principle, when a brigade or production team invests in a machine, all its members save on the work and share in the returns from agricultural production.An electric tractor is a type of tractor that is powered by electricity, rather than a fossil fuel such as gasoline or diesel. Electric tractors are becoming more popular as a way to reduce emissions and lower the environmental impact of farming and agriculture.

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