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European farmers did not adopt reaper-binders until the first decade of the twentieth century (Bogart 1942). In Japan reaper-binders had a perceptible impact only after 1967, almost a hundred years after the United States and a good thirty years after Japan started mechanizing pumping, threshing, and winnowing in earnest.

As long as agricultural wages were relatively low, large farmers found it more efficient to maintain a tractor and truck along with some horses. Horses did virtually all the jobs for which power was not the overriding input. Each power source specialized in the tasks for which it had the greatest comparative advantage.

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How the economics of such an approach evolve depends on the commitment of the international community to attain such sustainable and environmental goals. There has been a substantial global investment in agricultural mechanization and automation by governments, industry, farmers and international agencies. In general, the return on investment has been spectacular.

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These renewable sources are normally processed off-farm and sold nationally or regionally and, as such, are not considered as a local autonomous power supply for agriculture. In the future, it is likely that the diesel oil supply will dwindle and may eventually run out. As such, governments and appropriate agencies may wish to encourage the development of an infrastructure for processing and distribution of diesel fuel alternatives to cope with such a scenario.

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