Żniwa 2017 i uprawa z nowym nabytkiem! 4X FENDT [1050, 8370P, 926, 41

Żniwa 2017 i uprawa z nowym nabytkiem! 4X FENDT [1050, 8370P, 926, 415]

Alternatively, it may be applied on the surface of the ground or crop (e.g. grass) using a tractor mounted centrifugal spinner or oscillating spout type applicator where the fertilizer is broadcast rather than placed in rows. Aerial application of fertilizers may also be used in locations inaccessible to tractors, as described in Fertilizer Applicators and Plant Protection Equipment (EOLSS on-line, 2002). Both pressurized (typically using ammonia) and nonpressurized liquid fertilizer applicators are also described. Protection of plants from diseases and pests is normally achieved by atomizing a liquid formulation containing the active pesticide ingredient through a small nozzle under pressure and spraying onto, beside or beneath the crop canopy, or by using granular pesticide applicators.

The lower tillage intensity in Africa may simply reflect the abundance of land: in order to maximize labor productivity, people work thinly over a large area. Under the substitution view, the profitability of mechanization and its contribution to economic growth depend on the opportunities available to workers (and sometimes draft animals) released from their tasks.

Koszenie jęczmienia z 4 Fendt-ami na jednym polu ;)Even though bioethanol is an outstanding renewable engine fuel, it is more suited to Otto gasoline (petrol) than to farm diesel engines. Electricity may be generated from a range of renewable sources including wind, wave, hydro and biomass, but on-farm generation is unlikely except on a small-scale or on the basis of specialized energy or wind-power farms.

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Precision farming practices including the use of global positioning systems (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS) are applicable not only to harvesting operations but to other farm mechanization operations including precision application of agrochemicals i.e. applying a pesticide or a crop nutrient where it is required and at the appropriate concentration rather than using blanket coverage.

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