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Mechanization is most profitable and contributes most to growth where land is abundant, where labor is scarce relative to land, and where labor is moving rapidly off the land. Several cases, listed in table 4, illustrate the effects of mechanization on employment.

In case 1 unused land is available and mechanization leads to output growth-the more so, the higher the elasticity of final demand. The best example is the United States in the second half of the century: an impressive horse-based mechanization led to massive agricultural growth because land was rapidly opened up and export markets in Europe provided a highly elastic demand for agricultural products.

Krótki film z siewu rzepaku #fendt1050 #agravistechnikpolska #agravistechnik #czajkowskiuprawapasowa #striptillSpoilage microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) may also be controlled by temperature reduction (preferably to 4 C or less) usually requiring refrigeration. In certain cases, drying may also be used to control both fungal and respirational activity.

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For small grain, drying to 14% moisture (wet basis) is sufficient to inhibit both fungal and respirational activity. The shelf life of certain fruits (most commonly apples) may be extended through controlled atmosphere storage (using reduced atmospheric oxygen) in refrigerated stores. In most instances, the careful control of temperature and relative humidity is sufficient to extend the shelf life of most crop products stored on the farm. Increasing emphasis on quality control and assessment will be facilitated by novel items of equipment including the electronic nose, biosensors, X-ray computer-aided technology (i.e. three dimensional mapping; CAT scan), nuclear magnetic resonance (Figure 9) and chlorophyll fluorescence.

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