During the ninety years until 1970, land-labor ratios increased in all countries, especially after 1950. These increases reflect the rapid declines in agricultural labor forces as people moved to industry and off the land. The United States, however, had an increase in agricultural land as well as a reduction in the agricultural labor force, so that differences in land-labor ratios between it and other countries increased.

Tractors were mainly used for tillage and as power sources for stationary machines such as threshers, saws, silo fillers, and choppers. The same pattern of tractor use was common in Europe until about 1960 and is now common in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and China. The only differences are that direct power takeoff has replaced the belt and pulley and that tractors are now more frequently used for transport. Although modern tractors are more efficient than prewar ones, wages in Asia are much lower than in the prewar United States. Asian countries are therefore likely to make continued use of animals along with tractors, until rising wages make the animals' drivers, and thus the animals, too expensive.

4-7 HAZİRAN UKRAYNA KİEV TARIM FUARINDAYIZ ÇEKMEMİZİ İSTEDİĞİNİZ MARKA VE MAKİNALARI YORUMA YAZMANIZ YETERLİ.With a decline in fossil fuel supply (inevitable in the medium to long term) the attention will switch to renewable sources for on-farm fuel use and to renewable and/or nuclear for off-farm electricity generation. The renewable fuel that is most likely to be suitable for use in tractors and other self-propelled machines is esterified oil from oilseeds.

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Furthermore, workers in greenhouses are employed in a much more comfortable and hospitable environment than field workers and as such the pressure to mechanize is less intense. Looking to the future, harvesting techniques will continue to attract substantial interest and investment in determining if the state-of-the-art technologies (machine vision, robotics, software engineering, GPS and GIS) can be successfully applied to harvesting machines particularly in relation to selective harvesting and the harvesting of delicate produce for the fresh market.

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