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However, if the weather is bad and the quality of the grain is in danger, it may be more economical to protect quality by harvesting early (before ripeness) even if an increased post-harvest drying cost is incurred. Due to the timeliness factor, machinery of a somewhat higher capacity is often employed to avoid timeliness penalties that may accrue due to the use of a contractor, machine breakdown and repair, bad weather or operator illness.
For these reasons (environmental enhancement, sustainability) intensive research and development in renewable fuels (including oilseed oils and alcohols) continues and has lead to a small number of commercial applications in niche markets. The future market for renewable fuel use is difficult to predict but will remain an active issue in the continuing debate on alternative fuels for vehicles including agricultural vehicles. Finally, the use of on-farm generated electricity, as opposed to that purchased from a utility, is discussed below (see also, Agriculture and Autonomous Power Supply).

The equipment used for the post-harvest treatment and preservation of durable and perishable produce includes cleaners, sorters and graders, fans (for fresh air ventilation and fumigation), dryers, refrigeration, controlled atmosphere equipment, conveyors, and handling, packaging and labeling equipment (see also, Equipment for Post-harvest Preservation and Treatment of Produce). Protection from insect infestation may be accomplished by a combination of measures including temperature reduction and occasional fumigation. Irradiation has also been proposed to control insect infestation in cereals and other products but the cost of this expensive and controversial technology is prohibitive and in any event is limited to off-farm use.

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Europe went through equally dramatic changes after 1955. Cases 1 and 2 show that the labor effects of mechanization depend on the alternatives available to the economy. The Indian Punjab provides an opposite example. The green revolution initiated in the mid-1960s led to sharply increased demand for labor, which caused a big rise in real wages around 1968 (Gupta and Shangari 1979).In Senegal, where animal traction is primarily a post-1945 development, seed drills have become one of the most popular implements. Improved seed drills, with mechanical dribbling of seeds, are becoming popular in South Asia and are one of the more successful machines in Mexico. In all these cases it is not labor saving which leads to their success, but the improvement in yields, the saving of seed, and the ease of interculture.

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