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At first glance, renewable fuels are attractive from an environmental and sustainability perspective and cogent arguments have been made that such considerations justify the generous tax remission protocols necessary to commercialize these products. For example, the use of renewable fuels in urban vehicles may be justified if the emissions are much cleaner than those from conventionally fuelled vehicles.
A machine that can cut mature corn without shattering the ripe kernels at the top of its long slender stem, gather together and convey these stem heads-first into a threshing cylinder, where the bulk of the kernels are separated from the non-grain material by a combination of impact and sieving, and where the remaining separation is achieved by a combination of further sieving, flotation and vibration.

Early tractor designs were based on the concept of substituting mechanical pulling or draft power for the draft animal classically associated with pulling plows through the soil, operating reaper and binder machines through fields of corn, or mowers through fields of grass. Cumbersome steam powered engines were soon to be replaced by the more energy efficient and compact internal combustion engine. Because India's economy was growing slowly, a slower rate of mechanization and a larger volume of migration could have solved the labor shortages in Punjab at a lower capital cost. And the extra employment would have meant that the benefits of the green revolution were shared more widely with workers in poorer regions.

Aviation Disasters Caught on Video: Face it, driving sucks. It’s expensive, you have to wait in traffic, you spend a fortune on gas, and strangers are always flipping you the bird. But, at least your car isn’t a screaming ball of fire plummeting toward the ground like a meteor full of aviation fuel! We promise that after you’re done watching the Top 5 Real Aviation Disasters Caught on Video, driving your morning commute is going to feel like the warm embrace of a security blanket! So, buckle up your five point harness and pull the ripcord! You’re about to get a face full of disaster! For copyright information, please contact: [email protected] -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Crying dog breaks the internet’s heart — but this sad dog story has a happy ending" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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These characteristics of rental markets are confirmed by some data for tractor rentals in South Asia and machinery rentals in the Philippines. The Philippine data show that most farmers own their animals, carts, plows, and harrows. Harvesting and threshing equipment, tractors, and motor vehicles, however, are used on about five to seven times more farms than own them, which indicates that rental markets are extremely well developed. Generalization 7. Where rental markets are fairly easy to establish, farm size has much less influence on the size of machines. Subsidies. Subsidies may speed up mechanization.The extent of adaptive innovation required is best illustrated by patent statistics from the United States, which Evenson (1982) has put together on a regional basis. For other developed countries and the developing world, the investigation of innovation in agricultural machinery has been much less systematic.

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