The abundance of plant pests in the tropics, including weeds and disease, makes agriculture successful mainly in the plantation system, where needed control measures can be financed. The alternative is to move from deteriorated land to newer fields; this practice of shifting agriculture has also been common, because tropical soils lose their productive capacity so rapidly.
And in China the number of threshers alone exceeded the combined total of tractors and power tillers, even in 1980. In all of Asia mechanical rice milling for large trade quantities had already been introduced in the late nineteenth century, usually based on steam and later on internal combustion engines. Smaller rice mills have swept across Asia since the 1950s; it is hard to find villages where rice is still pounded by hand.

The new threshers are now also penetrating into other South Asian regions (Walker and Kshirsagar 1981). As with earlier American and European experience, mills and threshers are usually rented. The contrast between Pakistan and Thailand could hardly be sharper. Thailand's laissez-faire policy has resulted in the development of indigenous power tillers and small tractors, a wider choice of machinery, and few adverse social consequences. Brazil's approach has been to encourage mechanization by subsidizing loans for buying machinery.

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Because interest rates were often lower than inflation, real borrowing costs were negative. There is ample evidence that credit subsidies, especially for tractors and other big machines, were obtained mainly by large farms and latifundia. They gained a cost advantage over small farmers and expanded at their expense. This process has been documented for Pakistan in two studies over a fifteen-year period (Mclnerney and Donaldson 1975; Lockwood 1981)'3 and for Brazil (Sanders and Ruttan 1978).Furthermore, the subsidies often favored the better-off regions: Sanders and Ruttan show that they have increased imbalances between Sao Paolo province and the poor Northeast. In China, subsidized credit and energy have undoubtedly benefited the richer regions over the poorer ones, where investment in machines is still very limited.

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